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How Long Does It Take to Get Accessory Dwelling Units ADU Permits?

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In times people have realized the benefits of having Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a means to expand living space and meet the increasing demand for housing. As more homeowners consider adding ADUs to their properties it becomes important to understand the process of obtaining permits. If you're planning on adding an ADU to your property, one of your inquiries might be "How time does it usually take to obtain ADU permits?" This guide will walk you through the process, timelines and various factors that can impact the duration of acquiring an ADU permit.

What are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)?

ADUs refer to housing units situated within a family residential lot. They can be.. Detached from the main residence or even located within it. The popularity of ADUs has soared due to their ability to accommodate family members generate income or serve as home offices.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

The Process of Obtaining ADU Permits

Preparation and Planning;

Conduct Research and Seek Consultation (1 3 weeks); Gaining knowledge, about regulations and zoning laws holds importance.

If you consult with an expert, like an architect or a city planner it can help you save time during the process.

Design and Drawings (2 6 weeks); You will need plans, which can be created by yourself or by hiring a designer or architect.

Application and Review;

Submitting the Application (1 2 days); This step involves submitting your plans and completing the forms.

Review by Local Authorities (1 3 months); The timeline for reviewing the application may vary depending on jurisdictions. Generally expect it to take around a month or more.

Final Approval;

Scheduling Inspections (1 2 weeks); Multiple inspections may be required based on regulations.

Final Approval (1 2 weeks); This includes obtaining the approval from all departments involved.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Factors That Can Impact the Timeline;

Local Regulations; Keep in mind that laws and regulations can significantly differ between areas so some places might have requirements, than others. The complexity of the project can affect the time required for review and inspections of the ADU design. In cities, with demand for permits or staffing shortages in authorities the process may take longer. Additionally if corrections or revisions are requested by the authority it can further extend the timeline by weeks or even months.

To ensure a process it is important to understand and comply with the requirements of your jurisdiction. If needed consider hiring professionals who have experience in ADU permitting as they can navigate the process efficiently. It's also advisable to anticipate delays and maintain a timeline.

In conclusion obtaining ADU permits typically takes around 2 to 6 months due to factors. By familiarizing yourself with the steps involved understanding requirements and potentially seeking assistance you can navigate through this process more smoothly.

ADUs provide a solution, for living space or income; however it is essential to be patient and plan properly in order to successfully obtain your ADU permit.


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